Opportunity Shop – OPEN

Op Shop Hours  (4 Customers to be in the shop at one time)  Mon to Fri 10 am – 1 pm                                                          Saturdays 9:30 am – 12 noon

Op Shop
Thank you to all of our volunteer workers including rag cutters and
Noel who delivers them to our customers.
Thank you all for your donations and for continuing to only deliver
them when the shop is open. Please note that jeans cannot be used for rags.
Our rules for being open still apply! Maximum of FOUR customers in the shop at any one time, hands to be sanitised on entering, and social distancing to be maintained by all our volunteers and customers. Rags continue to be cut off site – thank you to Marg and Norah for continuing this task.

All items left need to be of salable quality

We have to pay to take things to the tip.  We do not have free access as many people think. Please help by spreading the word that we do not accept old library books, encyclopedias, magazines, pillows, donas, worn shoes, broken toys, cassettes and videos.

Helen Collins Op Shop convener