About us

Who we are?

This church was inaugurated in 1977 as an amalgamation of the Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational churches that had been part of this area since 1851.

We are a caring community to which all people can belong. There are older people and young, families and single people, people of different cultures.

Our aim is to express our faith through a variety of ways and be an inclusive church, reaching out to people in God’s love. 

Intergenerational / Multicultural

Social Justice

We value the inherent dignity of all people and are committed to working toward a just and peaceful world. We believe liberation from injustice and oppression is central to the Christian faith. Social Justice is practiced in all parts of the church’s life.


A Culture of Safety

Respect for All

St Stephens Uniting Church is committed to creating and sustaining a culture of safety in our gatherings and activities for all people of all backgrounds. This involves how people speak to and behave with each other, how decisions are made, and how feedback is given and received. People will be welcomed to participate and share their views in the context of giving all others the same opportunities. Discrimination based on race, physical appearance, first language, disability, gender, sexuality, family background or economic situation will not be tolerated.

Keeping Children Safe

Children and young people will be especially valued, protected and nurtured in each of our congregations, in cooperation with their parents or guardians. We make every effort to provide an environment of safety and support.  We encourage an environment and culture that allows children to feel free to report any safety concern, discomfort or inappropriate behaviour that they may be experiencing.

We make the following commitment:

  • All children who are involved in any of the Uniting Church’s activities, services, events or programs have a right to feel and be safe. The Uniting Church in Australia is committed to provide safe environments where children are cared for, respected, nurtured and sustained.
  • We have zero tolerance of all forms of child abuse and will do all in our power to safeguard children from abuse.
  • We commit to the creation and maintenance of a child-safe culture to ensure the care, protection and safety of all children engaging with the Church in any of its entities.
  • Abuse thrives on secrecy. To prevent child abuse across the Church, we are committed to providing clear leadership and open and transparent governance to combat secrecy.
  • We unambiguously affirm our commitment to upholding the law. This includes the requirement to report abuse to the appropriate authorities.

Working with Children Check

All key leaders and those who lead and assist in children’s and youth activities possess a

Working With Children Check. We have clear expectations for appropriate behaviour with children.

Child Safe Policy

St Stephen’s Uniting Church fully support and adhere to the Uniting Church Child Safe Policy  We have guidelines on how to promote care, safety and protection for children and young people and clear directions on how to respond to a situation of suspected or actual child abuse. We regularly review our policies and procedures.


* To worship God
* To respect and care for every individual
* To build one another up in faith , sharing the teachings of Christ, empowering and inspiring others in hope
* To be an inclusive community, particularly through offering a place for those who are vulnerable and marginalised .


Our Vision: Following Christ, walking with all people and engaging in community with compassion and justice.

Our Mission:

· Nurture faith, deepen discipleship, nurture disciples and strengthen leadership capacity across cultures and the generations.

· Express our faith through a variety of ways to be The Church in this place and create a safe environment, complying with the Uniting Church Australia – Safe Church Policy

· Develop the Community by providing hospitality, teaching and encouragement to all who come through the door in partnership with Uniting.

· Be an inclusive church reaching out to people in God’s love.


St Stephen’s Uniting Church is in a Partnership with Uniting Wodonga (VicTas) in a Community Service Partnership providing an intentional faith-based service providing Emergency Relief which helps meet the needs of people from Wodonga and surrounding communities.